Wondering why we have a water theme when we're located in the middle of the high desert?

We all need to be washed daily by the water of the Word... Eph 5:26

Reading and studying the Word daily is the only way to keep from the vain teachings and philosophy of the world. And besides, when you live in the desert long enough, water is a beautiful thing!

We call ourselves Berean because of the church in Berea: Acts 17:11

We, like them, don't take everything we hear as true, we search God's word whether it is so.

It's simple, spread the Gospel into all the world!

We provide the gospel locally at all our services. We support international missions and missionaries to reach the world.

We are working towards a bible institute to further prepare our local ministry for service worldwide.

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Spring Revival

  Wednesday, Apr. 16th

  Thru Friday, Apr. 18th

Starting at 7:00 pm each night

Special Guest Speaker

    Bro. K.R. Senn

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